wickeys lag

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wickeys lag

Post  Burloque XIV on Sat 30 Aug - 19:57

This is about something that has been a rumour for as long as ive been here, but because of recent developments im realy starting to believe its true. Its about wickey who creates lag on purpose when the opponent is leading the match. In the past, Mrking has complained about this too but there have never been any actions taken against it. Because of a lack of competition for wickey, this subject has been out of the spotlights for a few years but it has now emerged in full glory.

Three cases that are very similar support the suspicion. First one was a few weeks ago when defeat was playing with wickey. Wickey had won the first set, but when defeat took the second, the connection dropped and they couldnt continue playing. Then it happened to me last week. I was leading 4-1 vs her and we had had fine connection so far. Then, from one point to the other, the connection dropped immensly and with lots of lag I could finish the match. Then theres Ingy, he was leading 4-0 vs wickey when, what a surprise, there came huge lag and wickey came back to 4-4. They had to interrupt the match. Funny thing is that wickey wrote to both me and ingy that we have to look for a better computer so we could have a good connection with her.

I wanna add that this is not the first time that wickey does things she shouldnt do. In fact, every time that wickey doesnt win gm automatically she starts cheating or doing other crazy stuff. I recall: playing on kalaspuffs account in league. Avoiding top players like mrking and leahan. Cursing at me as guest in a period that I won most gm. Its therefore not a surprise either that all players in league, except for other cheaters, dont like her.

Now Daca wants to remove the tt-league because there's so much trouble going on. That makes you wonder, would it not be a better idea to remove just the person thats responsible for it all instead of deleting the whole league? Before wickey entered in summer or spring 2004 there wasnt any cheating either...

I hope the right thing will be done.


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Re: wickeys lag

Post  astérix on Sat 30 Aug - 22:49

it is true that you have to stop cheating daca decide whether to stop the league tt all players are penalized and is not normal that a player is cheating won all the elites of gold I have never believed the rumors involve players wickey27 is a cheater now I doubt my


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